There are numerous writers in the typing pool, but what makes a good one? The concern for some clients is that they don’t know the answer to that question. What’s more alarming is that some writers are unable to answer that question of themselves.

Writing is a craft. That anyone can type and collate words does not make them a writer. Some people who wouldn’t consider themselves writers, are naturals – their copy flows, easily taking the reader on their journey. As a writer I applaud them. They’ve got it. As a writer I also know it takes years to hone the skills that enable you to deliver time and time again.

What it takes: listening, observing and questioning without biased filters; intelligence and clarity to cut through the bullshit; the ability to critique and edit your own ideas and work; care; the self-awareness (aka lack of ego) to exclude yourself from the picture; a loathing of cliches; a respect for process and deadlines. Personally, I’m also fond of a sense of humour.

I write original copy for a diverse range of websites – a few of them include Jervois Apartments, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and Galbraith’s Alehouse, and I’ve edited numerous others. As a content creator, I’ve written blog copy for Stevens and Mitre10, providing advice on entertaining and renovating. Clients come via word of mouth or through commissions from design studios and content agencies.

Corporate & Government
From health insurance to premium car companies, government agencies to data management services, my skills are applied across a range of corporates and organisations that require original content and editing for internal and external communications. Clients have included Essilor, Sovereign, Auckland Council, Holden and Datacom.